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Alliance Bernstein Webinar and Fireside Chat

Alexia Howard from Alliance Bernstein hosted a webinar and fireside chat with Moolec's Senior Management for a general overview of the company.

Welcome to the Molecular Farming Revolution!

Watch our latest institutional video and learn about what is Moolec in a nutshell.

BCA Conference Call

Moolec Science and LightJump Acquisition Corp. hosted a joint investor conference call to discuss the proposed transaction.

Absolut Return Podcast - Interview Gastón Paladini

Gastón discusses what is molecular farming and how did it originate, how to produce meat molecules with plants, why meat alternatives are necessary and more.

Cultured Meat Future Foods with Moolec Science

Gastón Paladini (CEO), Martín Salinas (CTO), and Henk Hoogenkamp (CPO), all three Co-Founders, talked with Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast team to introduce Moolec Science and Molecular Farming in the alternative proteins landscape.

Alternative Protein Conference 2021

Gastón Paladini shared its insights on Molecular Farming, the fourth technological pillar in alternative protein.

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